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Continuing Education

Continuing Education for Insurance Professionals

As an insurance professional, you’re often the first contact for a policyholder who has experienced a disaster. The more you know about the disaster mitigation process and recovery, the more you can guide your client in taking the right steps to control damage – and therefore control costs. With Continuing Education (CE) options from ServiceMaster RestoreĀ®, you and your staff can be better equipped to help your policyholders by understanding the latest disaster restoration techniques, procedures and best practices.

Courses designed to help you provide greater service to your customers

As an approved CE provider in the state of Ohio, we have developed curricula that emphasize the cost-saving benefits of quick response and correct action in variety of critical areas. In addition to helping you understand the effects of a disaster and the steps involved in restoring the structure as well as the contents, these courses give you the knowledge needed to put our policyholders at ease.